For Parents

PowerSchool & Canvas Parent Portals (beginning 10-1-14)


Parents now have the capability to create single sign-ons for both the PowerSchool and Canvas tools so that they can login just once and be able to see information for all their children.  Parents will be able to choose their own usernames and passwords. You will, however, need to know your child(ren)’s current usernames and passwords. Typically usernames are firstname-lastname and the password is their lunch PIN. Please ask your child(ren) if you do not know their username(s) and/or password(s).  

PowerSchool offers real-time access to grades, attendance, and class information.  In order to create a parent/guardian account, click “Create Account” on the PowerSchool homepage.


  • The top section is about you as the parent/guardian and the username and password you would like to use.
  • The bottom section is for linking each child to your account. You will be able to link all of your children to this one account during the setup. Please note:
    • Access ID will be your child’s password
    • Access Password will be your child’s login (in lowercase). 

For more detailed instructions and a guide to features of the Parent Portal Account, click here.



Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that teachers use as a tool to enhance your child’s learning and to provide continual access to classroom tools. In order to create a parent observer account in Canvas, please go to the Canvas homepage and click on the link that says “Parent of a Canvas user? Click Here for an Account.” This is a four-step process:


1.      Create your account by entering your name, email, and the username and password for one of your children

2.      Open the Confirm Registration: Canvas email and click “Click here to finish the registration process”

3.      This will bring up the Canvas login screen where you will enter a new password of your choice, your Time Zone, and click Register

4.      You add additional student(s) by going to Settings, Observing


For more detailed instructions please refer to the following:

Important Notes:

  • In Canvas, the courses are NOT sorted by student. You will just see a list of all courses in which your student(s) are registered.

  • During this initial setup you will receive an e-mail from each teacher’s course when you first join (this may mean many e-mails if you have many students). 

  • Canvas does have grades listed but these grades only represent assignments/quizzes that have been graded within Canvas. Canvas does not include assignments/quizzes/tests completed outside of the Canvas tool.  To see overall grades for your child you will need to look in PowerSchool.


Please note that you may continue to use MISi/PEP to access your children’s grades and test data.  It will continue to be updated every school night and contains historical data back to 2005-06.  Emails containing logins for MISi/PEP were sent on either 9/11/2014 or 10/1/2014.  Please look for an email from
If you have questions, please contact your child's school directly and if further assistance is needed, please email