Kindergarten Round-up


All incoming kindergarten parents must complete pre-registration and schedule an appointment prior to your round-up date.  

You will need to create an account for Infosnap to pre-register and schedule for your round-up appointment.  If you have previously used Infosnap to register a student at ZCS, you can log in and use that account to add your new student.  When signing up for your appointment time, you will need to advance the calendar to the date listed on the website for your school.   

For more information or if you have any questions please contact your child’s school:  

School Round-Up Date Telephone #
April 20
873-2226 x14995
PVE April 21
873-2376 x17996/ 17995

April 22

873-1234 x15995
SGE April 23
873-8050 x19995
Union April 24
733-4007 x16996

If you have a question about what school your child should be attending, please call 317-873-1237 and speak to Amy or Sally.

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