2015-2016 School Supplies

If you are interested in purchasing school supplies for the upcoming year
that will be delivered for the first day of school, please go to 

Tech Tidbit

 Managing your “digital footprint” is an important part of participating in an online world. A digital footprint is the record or trail left by things you do online. Social media activity, browsing history, online subscriptions, any photos or videos posted online; essentially anything online with your name attached, is considered to be a part of your digital footprint. As an elementary parent, you may be thinking "My child is too young to create a digital footprint." Your child might not be adding to his/her footprint right now, but what are you adding as a parent? Pictures of your child posted to Facebook, or videos of first steps posted to YouTube all begin to create a part of your child’s digital footprint.

What can I do to protect my child’s digital footprint?
Use Privacy Settings: Make sure that you and your child are aware that many sites have privacy settings that you should be managing. Facebook, Twitter and many social media sites have security and privacy settings that can be set to limit the availability of your content being seen online and by whom. You just need to make sure you have taken the time to update and monitor your settings as many will update frequently.

Sign Up for PTO Reminders Via Remind

If you would like to receive text message reminders about PTO events, please sign up for the SGE PTO Remind Service by following the instructions below:  

Enter this number:  (317) 288-3299
Text this message: @sgepto

SGE Volunteer Opportunities

 Are you looking for ways to volunteer at Stonegate?  Please click on the link below to sign up!

SGE PTO Volunteer Link

Volunteer Background Checks

 This is a friendly reminder of our new volunteer background check guidelines.  As of January 1st, 2014, there are two types of background checks - Limited and Full.  The full details of this can be found by clicking here.

We wanted to ensure you were aware of the "Full" background check guidelines, since there is a fee and it take additional time to get this processed. 
The "full" background check is required when anyone volunteers with students & is working with them without the teacher supervision and/or if you accompany us on a school field trip.  It does take 5-7 days to process and there is also cost of $15.95, which is payable online. Once it submitted and cleared, it lasts for five years. 
If you plan to volunteer and at some point you are asked to work with them by the teacher without his/her supervision and/or if you do plan on attending future field trips, please do submit the "full" background check.  This link here will take you directly there. 
We thank you for your assistance to this matter! 


Support SGE

Target’s Take Charge of Education Program


 Sign up today to support Stonegate Elementary (SGE)! Target offers guests the REDcard, a debit or credit card that gives guests a 5% discount on all purchases, free shipping on Target.com, and an extended return period for purchased items. Aside from the personal benefits of having the card, the Take Charge of Education program allows guests to give back to their local schools every time they shop at Target. If used as a debit card, it pulls right from your checking account!
With the REDcard, guests are able to designate 1% of their purchases to be donated to the school of their choosing. Since 2003, guests have donated more than $16866 to SGE by using the Target REDcard. The more guests that sign up and designate SGE as their school of choice, the more we get back!
Parents and faculty can sign up at the store at no cost. Once signed up, all that is required is to go to Target.com/tcoe and choose SGE to receive the 1% of their total purchases. Target offers both a debit and a credit option. For the credit, only a driver’s license is needed. For the debit, a blank check is required to tie the card to an already existing checking out. There are no hidden fees!
Already have a REDcard?   Just visit www.target.com/tcoe or call 1-800-316-6142. Our school ID code is 119266.
Grandparents, alumni, neighbors and friends can take part, too!
Amazon donates0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the Stonegate PTO when the PTO is selected as the charity of choice.  Click here and designate Stonegate PTO as your charitable organization of choice the next time you shop with Amazon.  REMEMBER TO SHOP VIA AMAZON SMILE THIS HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON!
Earn rewards for
your designated organizations when you pay with cash, your PIN-debit card, or your linked Meijer Credit Card.  Your organizations receive credit for almost all Meijer purchases - groceries, toys, home fashions, jewelry, gas, car wash, C-Stop, Meijer.com purchases - over 150,000 products!
No minimum or maximum spending amount.
Use cash, PIN-debit card, or a Meijer Credit Card.  Your account is accessible anytime online.  You never have to buy anything in advance. Your Meijer 1 CardSM is easily carried on your key ring or in your wallet.

Cardholders also can receive special sales notices and exclusive savings.

Key tag provides free lost key retrieval service.  Meijer Credit Card purchases earn EXTRA rewards.
here to learn more about
enrolling in this program.

Fresh Ideas for EducationMARSH 

With Marsh Fresh Ideas for Education there is nothing to sell. Supporting our school is as easy as shopping for groceries. Points are tallied for every item purchased by school supporters who register their Marsh Fresh IDEA Card, O’Malia’s CouponPlus Card or MainStreet Market Reward$ Card for a school.  Sign-up is easy.  Click 


here and enter your card number.  Then enter code 28510 for Stonegate Elementary.



ZCS Flyers

 To find out about Zionsville Community Schools and community events, please click here!

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