Spring Break

ZWMS will be closed from spring break from Friday, March 27 until Monday, April 6.  Wishing all of our families a safe and restful spring break!

ISTEP+ Changes

 Important information to parents about changes to the ISTEP+ Statewide Test this spring.


This spring, the ISTEP+ state assessment will be changing because it will measure Indiana’s new state standards

which require higher levels of problem solving, writing, and critical thinking in both reading and math.  Read the rest of the article. 

8th Grade Party

On the evening of Saturday, May 16th, the 8th grade class will have an end of the year party at ZWMS. 
The deadline to sign up for the party is March 30, 2015.

The link for paying for the party registration, t-shirt, and class photo ($25.00 per student), as well as any extra monetary donation, is available here.  https://www.mypaynetapps.com/pay.php?mip=6523513929329992838983780474

If you would like to volunteer for the party, or donate water, soda, or gift cards, you may sign up here.  ttp://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f084aa9a72fa7f58-8thgrade  
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